Intervention for Reading

Do You Need Reading Help for Your Student?

Struggling readers are under a lot of stress.  It is important to address the deficit skills as soon as possible and as early in a child’s academic career as possible.  Most children, however, are not identified and treated earlier than third grade.  The truth is that how that child was reading in first grade would have strongly predicted what kind of reading success the student would have as a third grader!

Difficulty learning how to read is often a shock for those eager to learn and for those who love and support them.  Bright, verbal people sometimes experience difficulty learning how to read fluently.  For those of us who never had trouble learning how to read, it is easy to forget how unnatural this process actually is for the human race.

The Science of Reading

from "The Science of Reading (A Response to the New York Times", by David Hurford, the IDA Examiner Vol 9, Issue 1

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What is Common Core?

What Parents Should Know from Common Core State Standards InitiativeTo ensure all students are ready for success after high school, the Common Core State Standards establish clear, consistent...

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Adolescents: Web-based Resources

21st Century Skills Alliance for Excellent Education Alliance for Excellence in Education Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation...

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Adolescent Literacy

Truths about Adolescent Literacy Adolescence is not too late to intervene.  Interventions do benefit older students. Older students with reading difficulties benefit from interventions focused at...

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Effective Reading Instruction

from The International Dyslexia Association, "Effective Reading Instruction", The most difficult problem for students with dyslexia is learning to...

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Resources for ADHD

ADHD Basics: ADHD: The Basics (National Institute of Mental Health) New ADHD Guidelines: 5 Things You and Your Child's Doctor Need to Know New ADHD Guidelines: American Academy of Pediatrics...

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Symptoms of Dyslexia

Is My Child Dyslexic? Individuals with dyslexia have trouble with reading, writing, spelling and/or math even though they have the ability and have had opportunities to learn. Individuals with...

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