Customer Reviews

  Thank you Holly so very much for your kind email and incredible support and guidance through the years. You are an amazing advocate for all our children, and we feel lucky to have you and your team in our lives.” – S&T

  BTW…You are an amazing woman…I don’t get the chance to tell you that much in the pass off during sessions, but you have been a miracle worker in our lives.  I hope that everyone in the world knows you are so amazing, and I hope too that more practitioners get to hear from you about how tutor and teach in order to save these talented kids from so much emotional trauma and a potentially marginalized life that can result for kids when dyslexia isn’t addressed with acceptance, deep understanding (not just clinical understanding), love and skill.
You have brought more joy and hope into this house than I can ever tell you – SA

  Thank you for the appt notes. As we were walking out, G shared that it was his best Ms. Joni’s of the year so far. He was very excited to tell me he was “finally mastering” long division.  At bedtime, he also told R and I that “it’s just been a great day for me”. Can’t beat that!  – J

  I took the PSAT and I got a 1300. I got a 660 on the reading and writing and a 640 on the math. I did better on reading and writing than I did on math! A 1300 is the 97th percentile and I owe it all to you. THANK YOU! I miss you! Love, DC

  Hi Kristen, I wanted you to know that C had her reading assessment done today and she more than doubled her level from the end of the year!! Thank you!!

   Hi Holly, Just thought you should know that so far S has been accepted at DU, Lewis and Clark, Seattle U, Savannah College of Art and Design and Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). She got scholarship offers from Seattle and Maryland. 
I’m thinking you should use her for advertising in case you need an awesome success story! Seriously though you were the EXACTLY what she needed and we are so grateful for all your love and dedication!  – XOXO, K

   So, K almost always gets along well with his teachers and tutors. However, I have NEVER seen him so happy or sound so effusive after meeting with you today.

“Mom, she’s a genius. She knows everything about dyslexia and language and she explains it in a really interesting way.” He went on and on. He talked – whole, long sentences – for a long time in the car. I can hardly get him to mumble yes or no in the car most days.

Let’s be honest, 14 year old boys aren’t typically “bubbly.” Kyle was bubbly and happy and very very impressed. Thought you’d like to know and mostly, thanks. We’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. – JI

   First –a HUGE thank you to you both for helping C over the years!  I think his report card speaks for itself – wow!  We are so proud of him.  We could have never done this without you all as part of our team.

   She is making SO MUCH progress and every time I read one of your process notes I get so excited.  You are simply amazing! What you’ve done for A will be with her for LIFE!! xoxo K

   Boy, it has been a long time coming to have him finally feeling successful in school.  He told T in the car the other night how nice it was to not be behind in classes.  He said he had many a sleepless night last year worrying about school. (I would have liked to have known that!)  Anyway, thank you all for helping us along the way.  You have been an incredible support system and I feel so very lucky to have found you.

  WOW! You have absolutely transformed my little J. He is feeling so good about himself, thank you for everything!!!! S

  Just wanted to let you know that K is doing great!  Made the honor roll this semester. Thank you for all of the help that you gave us over the last few years!!  You made a world of difference to K and me.  We could not have come this far without you!    Love P

  Found out today that M has been approved for extended time on the ACT! I simply cannot thank you both enough- if it weren’t for you two, we wouldn’t have a reading impairment diagnosis, we wouldn’t have a 504 Plan, and we wouldn’t have extended time. I hope you both know how much of a difference you have made for her (and that’s even without considering the incredible value of the tutoring!). We are so grateful for your help, your expertise and your engagement. See you soon! – AS

   S reads constantly now and we actually have to take the book away at times so she can get other things accomplished. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I hope all is well with you. – JMM

   The staff at Holly Graves made a huge impact on our son’s well being. Through his tutoring sessions, they were able to spot his learning disorder, direct us to an outstanding resource for help, support our son’s academic needs through a tutoring plan and help to build his self esteem through academic successes. The impact of HGA’s staff has been tremendous: academic turnaround and growth coupled with confidence. We are very grateful to the staff at HGA for their skilled and caring efforts. Our son loved coming to HGA and we are happy to recommend the staff and services at Holly Graves and Associates.”  Mother of H.S. Sophomore